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  1. The Active Interview

    The Active Interview

    James A. Holstein & Jaber F. Gubrium


    Interviews were once thought to be the pipeline through which information was transmitted from a passive subject to an omniscient researcher. However the new `active interview' considers interviewers and interviewees as equal partners in constructing meaning around an interview. This ...


    Methods: Interviews , Meaning , Active interviews

  2. Archival Strategies and Techniques

    Archival Strategies and Techniques

    Michael R. Hill


    Historical and biographical work is becoming a more common type of qualitative research done by social scientists and usually requires the extensive use of formal archives housed in universities, governments, museums and other institutions. This practical and concise book provides an ...


  3. Analyzing Visual Data

    Analyzing Visual Data

    Michael S. Ball & Gregory W. H. Smith


    This volume provides a basic framework for using visual data - namely still photographs - as a tool for social analysis. The authors determine the importance of theoretical assumptions in analyzing these data and provide advice on how to use photographs in cognitive, symbolist and str...


    Methods: Visual analysis , Visual ethnography , Ethnographic photography or filmmaking

Showing 1-3 of 3 items

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