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  1. Journal Article

    "The Abu Ghraib Torture Photographs: News Frames, Visual Culture, and the Power of Images"


    The Abu Ghraib torture photographs: News frames, visual culture, and the power of images Drawing on a close analysis of how the Abu Ghraib photographs originally were perceived and framed in the American news media, public debate, and in various cultural contexts...

    Methods: Visual representations , Representation of reality , Meaning , Text

  2. Journal Article

    "Accessing, Waiting, Plunging in, Wondering, and Writing: Retrospective Sense-Making of Fieldwork"

    Field Methods (2000)

    This article presents five personal narratives about a field-worker's experience during an eighteen-month study of a residential college. The narratives focus on five distinct aspects of fieldwork: gaining access, waiting for action, establishi...

    Methods: Methodology , Interviews , Theory , Fieldwork , Ethics / Research ethics , Writing , Ethnography , Participant observation , Qualitative research , Access , Conversation analysis

  3. Journal Article

    "An Additional Measure of Overall Effect Size for Logistic Regression Models"


    An additional measure of overall effect size for logistic regression models In this article, we propose an overall effect size measure for multiple logistic regression (MLOGR) models. We first discuss common measures of overall effect size: classical R 2 appl...

    Methods: Quantitative data analysis , Logistic regression , Regression coefficient , Regression , Effect size (ES) , Predictor variables

  4. Journal Article

    "Advances in Age-Period-Cohort Analysis"


    Advances in age-period-cohort analysis This issue of Sociological Methods & Research contains four state-of-the-art articles on the statistical analysis of age-specific data arrayed by periods (years) or, alternatively, by cohorts. This has always been the nu...

    Methods: Cohort analysis , Cohort effects , Analysis , Random effects

  5. Journal Article

    "Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Research Surveys: Evidence from the Literature"

    Field Methods (2002)

    E-mail and World Wide Web surveys have been the subject of much hyperbole about their capabilities as well as some criticism of their limitations. In this report, the authors examine what is known and not known about the use of the Internet for surveying. Specificall...

    Methods: Research design , Internet research , Survey , Online survey

  6. Journal Article

    "Ambient Affiliation: A Linguistic Perspective on Twitter"

    New Media & Society (2011)

    This article explores how language is used to build community with the microblogging service, Twitter ( ). Systemic Functional Linguistic (SFL), a theory of language use in its social context, is employed to analyse the structure and meaning of tweets (posts to Twi...

    Methods: Social networks , Meaning , Text , Language , Internet research

  7. Journal Article

    "Among the Chosen: A Collaborative Educational (Auto)biography"

    Qualitative Inquiry (1997)

    A central educational issue is the nature of the long-range influences of a teacher on a student. This article experiments with a narrative approach to exploring that issue. In collaboration with a young woman who is a former student of a high school teacher in North...

    Methods: Life story , Autobiography , Narrative analysis

  8. Journal Article

    "Analysis of terrorist social networks with fractal views"


    Analysis of terrorist social networks with fractal views Visualization plays an important role in generating new insights in social network analysis [1]. Freeman [2] claims that visual images of social networks provide investigators with new insights about network ...

    Methods: Visualization , Social networks , Social network analysis , Network analysis , Nodes , Algorithms , Networks

  9. Journal Article

    "Analysis of Thin Online Interview Data: Toward a Sequential Hierarchical Language-based Approach"

    American Journal of Evaluation (2007)

    Despite the best of intentions, qualitative researchers can be faced, in some circumstances, with having to make meaning from thin, or less than optimal, data. Using a real study as context, the authors describe the ways that they made sense of their thin data on tea...

    Methods: Data analysis , Language , Transcript , Online interviews

  10. Journal Article

    "Analytic Autoethnography"

    Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (2006)

    Autoethnography has recently become a popular form of qualitative research. The current discourse on this genre of research refers almost exclusively to “evocative autoethnography” that draws upon postmodern sensibilities and whose advocates distance themselves fr...

    Methods: Autoethnography , Writing , Ethnography , Reflexivity , Analysis , Text , Qualitative research , The Chicago school

  11. Journal Article

    "Analytic Ordering for Theoretical Purposes"

    Qualitative Inquiry (1996)

    This article discusses why and how to make explicit the linkages between interaction and conditions affecting both the interaction and its consequences. The discussion aims at (a) extending the range of conditions/consequences considered by res...

    Methods: Theory , Concepts & philosophies , Analysis , Qualitative research , Interaction

  12. Journal Article

    "Are Simple Gain Scores Obsolete?"


    Are simple gain scores obsolete? Over a quarter century ago, Cronbach & Furby (1970) and many other authors (e.g., Gulliksen, 1950; Lord & Novick, 1968) concluded that simple differences between pretest and posttest scores have questionable value in behaviora...

    Methods: Theory , Quantitative data analysis , Reliability

  13. Journal Article

    "The art(fulness) of open-ended interviewing: some considerations on analysing interviews"

    Qualitative Research (2001)

    ABSTRACT Considerable analytic attention has focused on interviewees’ talk as ‘accounts’, or ‘versions’, rather than as direct reports of attitudes or perceptions. However, despite recognition of the ‘co-construction of accounts’, little analytic atte...

    Methods: Interviews , Analysis , Qualitative research , Conversation analysis

  14. Journal Article

    "Autoethnography in Vocational Psychology: Wearing Your Class on Your Sleeve"

    Journal of Career Development (2010)

    This article addresses reflective practice in research and practice and takes the issue of consciousness of social class in vocational psychology as a working example. It is argued that the discipline's appreciation of social class can be advanced through application...

    Methods: Autoethnography , Class , Reflexivity

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